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NBA 2K League: What Do You Know About Knicks Gaming?

The NBA’s New York Knicks are still rebuilding, but Knicks Gaming in the NBA 2K League have a chance to get their organization to a fast start. With actor/director Jerry Ferrara as the Head Scout and Creative Consultant of Team and an eclectic mix of personalities perfectly suitable to represent New York City’s diversity, Knicks Gaming is one of the most interesting squads in the league.

Dayvon Curry aka G O O F Y 7 5 7

  • Age: 21
  • Last Job: Amazon Warehouse
  • Years Playing: 6
  • First Version of 2K Played: NBA 2K2
  • Pro-Am Experience and Former Teammates: Good Life & God Save The Queen & Top Notch / HoodisGlitchy, Detoxys, iamadamthe1st, bigron, clutchboy67, myskillsunreal, 630llll630lll, prodiigy–xo
  • Favorite Music Artist: NBA Young Boy
  • Favorite Movie: Training Day
  • Favorite Athlete: Anthony Davis
  • Something Few People Know About Me: I’m Shy

The ninth pick overall and face of the franchise is G O O F Y 7 5 7. As you can see, he has played with some of the top players from the Pro-Am community. There will be a ton of attention paid to G O O F Y once play begins. He is the top player selected in a city where everything is magnified. Can he handle the pressure? We’ll find out soon.

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