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STEM Education

UG Education

UG Education is a subsidiary of Unanimous Games. We use gaming to develop critical thinking, career and life readiness to students in under communities in the USA and Africa through our proprietary Esports curriculum.

Our proprietary STEM + Esports curriculum was developed by a 20+ year veteran of the public school system, both inside the classroom and as an educational consultant. The curriculum was curated by the Founder and CEO of Soul Tree, LLC; a minority-owned and award-winning educational consulting company that works with local governments, educational institutions, and Fortune 100 companies.

The curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which are national standards for school boards. Also, along with being developed using strategies rooted in evidence and research, it is embedded with social/emotional and academic supports.

UG Education’s after-school curriculum encompasses both classroom work and learning through game design, competitive gaming, coding, and all facets of the digital entertainment ecosystem.