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UG Education

UG Education

UG Education is a subsidiary of Unanimous Games. We use gaming to develop critical thinking, career and life readiness to students in under communities in the USA and Africa through our proprietary Esports curriculum.

Education via gaming offers tangible benefits beyond the game and is transformative in the way youth learn and process information. Our education platform emphasizes modern and innovative ways for kids to develop critical thinking, college/career and life-skills readiness through the power of video games; in addition, to the exposure to a variety of career pathways associated with the eSports and game design industry.

UG Education has taken e-learning a step further, by combining the passion of students and the growth of the eSports and the gaming ecosystem into a learning curriculum that can be distributed online or via mobile devices. Our curriculum is distributed through the production of short form format videos along with supplementary practice exercises and materials. Every course is taught by a top instructor, in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). UG Education’s unique approach explores Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities through building computers, building games and playing games.

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